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PONOVO attended The Eighth Clean Energy Expo China

PONOVO POWER CO.,LTD attended The China Power Conference and The Clean Energy Expo China (CEEC), which were held together in China International Exhibition Center on March 29th. There were over 300 companies from more than 20 countries participating in this expo.
The expo classifies the exhibitions into seven halls, which are comprehensive demonstration, photovoltaic and photothermal, distribution gas and remained heat, smartgrid& electric cars and biomass energy. The booth of PONOVO was located in the hall of smartgrid& electric cars. The simple but dynamic design of the area attracted lots of people visiting and asking.
PONOVO showed the simulation system for the smartmicrogrid and also the testing system for new energy. The demonstrated technology involves new energy grid connection performance testing, new energy generator testing, microgrid electrical devices testing, energy storage electrical devices testing and electric energy quality testing & monitoring etc. The latest developed products including LM series integrated tester and PNS630 handheld network packet analyzer drew great attention from lots of expert in the industry.
As a member of the Characteristic Industrial Park Development League of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, PONOVO POWER CO.,LTD showed also the related information and industrial planning of the PONOVO Energy Interconnection Innovation Park which locates in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Hopefully the zone will become the center of key technologies for energy internet including smartgrid, distribution generation, cloud computing and big data etc. PONOVO will play an important role in this process based on its industrial advantage and also the help from others.